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Top Secret Air Bed Under Development In Our Lab

We admit it, our sleep lab and showroom always looks like a mad scientist’s underground lair. We’ve got hundreds of pieces of foam, quilted materials, dozens of pumps, hoses, and more remote controls than a teenager’s media room. We invent and re-invent dozens of configurations every month, and we even enlist customers who already have our Air Beds to try out new variations on their beds. And for that, they get a little bit of press from us, and some pillows! One of our customer recently asked us,”Can you guys build an Air Bed that automatically adjusts..without having to use a remote?” We replied, more or less, “Are you kidding?” You have to have a remote…how could you “drive the bed” without one? Well, as usual, we scratched our chins, and started sketching. This was six months ago, and I am ASTONISHED to tell you that we actually have a working production model of our top secret Aeroform Resistance Response Air Bed System in development. Highly classified, we can only tell you that we’re not likely to have a robust model in our online store for about 3 months, but it is truly a marvel of sleep engineering and so simplistic, and so cost effectively designed, that the pricepoint will be…well, we can’t tell you more..What we can tell you is that the Aeroform Air Bed System will respond instantly to body movements using resistance technology, with no pump system, and no remote controls. We realize that many Arise and Ascend Bed customers, who wouldn’t give up their remotes if you tried to pry them off their sleeping bodies, will consider this apalling, but many folks want an Air Bed, but want it to be an “autopilot” kind of bed…and that’s what we’re doing. At Habitat, we’re always thinking..tinkering, and scratching our chins…and we think we’re on to something extraordinarily comfortable, built using the same high quality control standards and with the same unbeatable factory warranty and trial period that we use in every bed we engineer. More to come! Send your emails if this intrigues you..to habitatsales@aol.com

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