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Try an Air Bed for Better Sleep

Want to sleep better?  In the article entitled How to Sleep Better – Try an Air Bed, Mark S. Myers points out the many qualities that make an air bed a delightful sleeping experience.

When we talk about an air bed we aren’t talking about the old camping air mattress of days gone by.  Sure, those things are still out there, as are Aero Beds and other portable air mattresses, but for better sleep, the air bed as the primary bed is rapidly gaining popularity.

A quality air bed is comfortable for both you and your sleep partner because it will allow each person to adjust their own firmness.  Our Habitat Arise® and Habitat Ascend® air beds have vulcanized rubber bladders which are much more comfortable that the nylon or PVC bladders that are commonly found in air beds.  In addition to our plush comfort layers, the Habitat Ascend® is the only air bed on the planet to have a layer of natural latex.

Think trying an air bed is risky because you may not like it once you get it home?  With Habitat Furnishings trying an air bed is risk-free.  That’s because we offer a 180 day money-back guarantee on both of our air beds.  That’s a true money-back guarantee, not a “comfort” guarantee (a tricky way of staying store credit) or store credit.  To learn more about our quality air beds, go to Habitat Furnishings.