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Try an All Natural Latex Mattress to Ease Your Allergies

Do you have environmental allergies?  How about asthma?  Perhaps you are just tired of sleeping in dust?  Then an all natural latex mattress may be just what you need.  Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it is hypoallergenic too.

A true 100% natural latex mattress is botanically derived.  It is dust mite free, antimicrobial, and resists mold and mildew.  These qualities are what make it so good for those with allergies or asthma.  But buyer beware — Up to 80% of latex mattresses are not all natural, but are made synthetically using petrochemicals.  Because these latex mattress usually have some natural latex in them, the manufacturers and retailers call them “natural” and hope that consumers will not question how they are made.  If you are shopping for a natural latex mattress, make sure you ask exactly how it is made and if there are any synthetic materials in it.  If the answer you get is vague or they try to tell you synthetic latex is just as good as 100% all natural latex, go somewhere else.

To get all the benefits of a 100% all natural latex mattress, you have to buy a 100% all natural latex mattress.  Synthetic latex mattresses want to claim they are just as good, but they aren’t.  They have a tendency to sag and develop dips and they do not last nearly as long.  Since all natural latex mattresses are so durable (lasting 20 – 30 years or more) they are much more cost effective in the long haul as synthetic latex mattresses.  Check out Habitat Furnishings to learn more.