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Using The Remote Controls On Our Air Bed Systems

Our Ascend and Arise Air Bed systems both offer a state of the art, hard wired digital readout remote, along with our medical grade pump unit, built by American National Manufacturing, an established bedding company which has designed and built intensive care unit beds, burn unit beds, and OSHA rated air bed systems for years. The remotes are easy to read, and operate. Many customers comment that they enjoy the large digital readout display, but have  a little trouble with programming the remotes with the memory setting…here’s a quick tutorial: First, when you get your bed assembled, fill the air chambers completely full, until the air pump stops filling. Don’t worry, you can’t bust an air chamber, since the pump has a limiting feature, or governor, which only allows the pump to fill to a pre-determined pressure, then stopping. Once you are lying quietly on the bed, hit the “soft” button on the remote, and allow air to escape until the bed reaches your desired level of comfort. Then, press and hold the memory button (there are 2 buttons, allowing for 2 different settings) for 10 seconds. This locks in that pressure setting as your memory setting..at any time, you can get back in bed and hit the memory button and the pump will atuomatically fill or empty to reach the pre-determined setting. It’s that easy!

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