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Your Sofa Choice and Back Pain

According to the blog posted on Earth Times by “dpa,” Poor sofa choice can lead to back pain.  Last year I helped a friend shop for a new sofa and can appreciate what an important choice this is.  The article states that a combination of poorly designed chairs and lack of activity can lead to back pain.  (This is according to a spinal health association in Germany, AGR.)

According to AGR, people who spend long hours in front of a TV or monitor are candidates for back problems.  I can personally attest to this.  Although lack of activity is not an issue for me, I am currently shopping for a well-designed chair that will be more comfortable when I am working in front of the computer.

AGR says that seats need to align with a person’s upper thigh and that the height of the seat should be adjustable.  The seat should also be wide enough and the back needs to be adjustable and up to shoulder height.  Built-in back lumbar support is helpful too.  (That is what I am looking for in an office chair.)

The above advice may work for an office chair, but what about a sofa, which usually serves people of varying sizes?  My advice – Get off the sofa and get moving!

Another way to help with back pain is by choosing the right mattress.  Everyone spends much more time in bed than on a sofa or in an office chair.  Two very comfortable mattresses to check out are the 100% natural latex mattress and the air bed.

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