Digital Air Beds


Habitat Digital Air Bed Lineup

Three Options, Each Offering A Full Range Of Comfort Settings


  • Our 11" Firmer, More Resilient Model
  • Excellent For Back & Stomach Sleepers
  • 4" High Performance Support Foam Resists Compression, Distributes Weight

Arise Digital Air Bed

Arise Digital Air Bed


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Bed Size

Twin 39×75, Twin Long 38×80, Full 54×75, Queen 60×80, King 76×80, Cal. King 72×84, Split Queen 30×80 (2pc), Split King 38×80 (2pc), Split Cal. King 36×84 (2pc)

  • 11" Height with Medium Softness Level
  • Excellent For Back,Side, & Stomach Sleepers
  • Pressure Point Relief, Resists Compression
  • 2" Layer of 4lb Premium Memory Foam
  • 2" Layer of Specialized Foam Supports Spine

Aloft Digital Air Bed

Aloft Digital Air Bed


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Bed Size

Twin 39×75, Twin Long 38×80, Full 54×75, Queen 60×80, King 76×80, Cal. King 72×84, Split Queen 30×80 (2pc), Split King 38×80 (2pc), Split Cal. King 36×84 (2pc)

  • Our Most Popular 11" Plushest Air Bed System
  • Excellent For Any Kind Of Sleep Position
  • Buoyant Support Makes Turning Effortless
  • 2" Layer of Natural Talalay Latex
  • 2" Layer of 4lb Premium Memory Foam
  • Only Adjustable Air Bed With Pure Latex

Ascend Digital Air Bed

Ascend Digital Air Bed


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Bed Size

Twin 39×75, Twin Long 38×80, Full 54×75, Queen 60×80, King 76×80, Cal. King 72×84, Split Queen 30×80 (2pc), Split King 38×80 (2pc), Split Cal. King 36×84 (2pc)

Here's What You'll Get When You Own A Habitat Air Bed System

    • High Performance Piston Style Air Controller System
    • Exclusive Channel Quilt Bamboo Outer Covering
    • Independent Dual Remotes With LED Display
    • Assembled And Shipped From Baltimore, MD, USA
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty With Two Year FREE Replacement On All Components
    • 120 Night No Questions Asked Trial Period
    • Premium Grade High Density Foam, Memory Foam, And Natural Latex Layers For Best Support
    • Fabric Backed Natural Rubber Air Chambers For Extreme Flexibility-Not PVC Or Nylon
    • Range Of Comfort Settings With Memory Feature
    • Optional Foundations Available

Three Models, An Infinite Range Of Comfort And Support.


For almost twenty five years, we've sold tens of thousands of luxury category beds using only the finest ingredients you can procure, which might be the reason more people are satisfied with our digital air bed than any other brand (source: SleepLikeTheDead.Com). Even more, we receive consistently stellar reviews from customers all across the country who felt they needed to make an investment in a really great mattress, and chose a Habitat Air Bed System over hundreds of other mattress options.  Click here to read reviews on Yelp, a third party review site.

Through the years, we've carefully listened to feedback from our customers who sleep on our mattresses to constantly reinvent and improve upon them, again and again. We ask you, where else can you buy a time tested and worthy adjustable air mattress that has been constantly improved upon by listening intently to what tens of thousands of actual owners have to say?

Our current three model lineup of digital adjustable air beds is the end result of this process. From our American built sealed piston pump system, which requires no service or maintenance, to our state of the art air chamber system, and our premium foam support layers which are hand selected to provide the most advanced level of comfort, support, and pressure relief possible, we've built a bed for you that truly gives you the ability to dial in that perfect sweet spot.

All three models feature our premium high density foam side rail support system, as well as our 1″ high density foam support layer underneath the air bladders. Our three air bed models, built on the same foundation of quality, offer numerous great options to consider, at three affordable and realistic price points.

Our Arise® Air Bed model, for example, features two separate layers of a specialized layer of high resiliency foam, a total of 4", which is very supportive and resilient, but also has plenty of give and "cushiness" to it, and since it is a more simplistically designed model, keeps the cost down without sacrificing comfort. We spent a full six months searching this highly specialized foam for our Arise® system, and when we literally stumbled upon it, we knew we had just the right ingredient for a down to earth priced Air Bed system that was astonishingly comfortable and more resilient and supportive. It is a slightly firmer bed than our Ascend®model, and provides resilient support without that sinking sensation.  Also, if you prefer a firmer mattress in general, and are primarily a back sleeper, it is the most popular choice.

Our Aloft® model features a perfectly designed air bed system that offers both pressure point reduction and excellent subtle immersion qualities, allowing side sleepers and back sleepers alike to experience deep restorative sleep, without having to dig your way out of a hole every time you need to turn. It offers the benefit of a premium layer of 4lb. density memory foam, instead of typical 3 lb. density foam, which does not have the lifespan or durability of a higher quality memory foam layer. In addition, a supportive yet yielding layer of 2.2 lb high density foam provides support and complements the pressure relieving qualities of the memory foam. Like all three of our models, the Aloft features our perimeter foam rail system which is covered to the edge with all of our foam layers, making transfer or sitting on the edge of the mattress easy and comfortable.

Our Ascend® model, which is our up-scale, and most popular Air Bed System, offers an over the top feel when it comes to comfort, support, and “plush” factor. Immediately below our bamboo quilted top cover, you can configure the mattress using either the 2" pure latex layer or our 2" 4lb density  memory foam layer as your top comfort layer. Our pure latex layer is made using a premium Talalay latex, which offers a buoyant, floating sensation. Most Ascend owners tend to place the latex layer above the memory foam layer (see the assembly video farther up the page). And, since we use a 4 lb density memory foam layer, it provides a nice cushy and inviting feel while offering excellent pressure point reduction and weight distribution qualities. It is also a higher quality variety of memory foam, and will not bottom out or pack down like cheaper memory foam, such as the kind used in topper pads sold in big box retail stores. Our memory foam layer can be positioned right beneath our quilted top section so that it is close to your body, where it will offer the most benefit, since memory foam performs best when not buried deep within a mattress.

When we designed our Ascend® model, we also knew that you can’t just toss in a layer of memory foam and expect an Air Bed to take your breath away, or make you sigh in delight. For additional support and cushiness, and a wonderful, plusher feel, we positioned our memory foam layer right on top of a layer of 100% Natural Latex. Using Natural Latex, instead of synthetic latex, adds an element of heightened responsiveness and “cush factor” to the bed, and quite honestly, is what makes our Ascend® model so radically different from any other mattress, let alone any Air Bed.

Natural Latex allows you to stay on top of the bed, rather than feeling like you are “swallowed whole”, and adds a highly responsive, buoyant sensation, that no other embellishment can offer. You can position the Natural Latex layer either under the memory foam if you like a body conforming feel, but if you tend to sleep warm, and like a more elastic, lively feel, place the latex layer above the memory foam layer. The memory foam layer will still offer body conforming qualities, but with a more subtle action.

The end result with our Ascend model, is a plusher, livelier mattress with excellent support, especially if you are a side sleeper.  Having the option of switching out the position of the layers of memory foam and Natural Latex, if you choose, gives you much more flexibility to change the feel of the bed, too. This ability to customize our Ascend bed, is what makes it our most popular model, by far. For  plush factor and luxuriousness in an Air Bed, and more ways to customize the feel to your own needs, our Ascend®model can’t be beat. But, if you like a firmer bed, are primarily a back sleeper, but you still want a wonderfully comfortable Air Bed built with quality materials, check out our Arise® Air Bed and read more below about specific details. Check out our video below to learn more about our three model lineup:



You'll enjoy the security of a solid Lifetime Limited Warranty on all components of our Habitat Air Bed Systems. For the first two years of ownership, you'll receive 100% coverage on all costs associated with any components, including our air controller system (pump, remotes, and air chambers), all foam and comfort layers, including interior as well as our premium bamboo outer covering, and our side rail system and optional foundations if you choose to purchase them.

For the rest of the life of your bed, after the first two years, you'll get 50% coverage on ALL components. Read our warranty specifics here.

All three models are 11" high and include our premium outer encasement, crafted using premium bamboo fiber, which passively ventilates your entire mattress, keeping you cool and comfortable. Our cover is sumptuously quilted to provide a luxurious, nestled in feel. This material also helps keep the interior ingredients of the mattress dry and helps to resist condensation, a problem associated with older air beds,  water beds, and other flotation type mattresses.

All three of our beds also include our state of the art air controller system, made in the USA, including easy to read, hard wired LED remote control units that are simplistically designed. They offer one touch ability to adjust softness and firmness, have a memory setting so you can dial in that “perfect spot”, a bed fill button, which fills the mattress from empty to its firmest, and are hard wired, not wireless.

Why hardwired and not wireless? We have found that owners of other air beds using wireless remotes experience the constant need to change batteries, are constantly losing their remotes under mounds of comforters, pillows, and sheets, and with a wireless remote, you avoid these issues.


An Air Controller System That Gives You Everything You Need

Our air controller system offers a sealed piston pump that never needs maintenance, is low profile (only 5” tall), and features including a low power consuming transformer, Ethernet ports to plug in your remotes, and is absolutely whisper quiet. In fact, when you place the unit under your bed, especially on a carpeted surface or pad, it's virtually undetectable.

Your Habitat Air Bed System arrives in one box, in modular kit form, and is easily assembled. You can follow along using the enclosed instructions, or you can use our video, shown below, and pause it as required when you complete each step. Average setup time is 30 minutes, and you’ll get to know the components and where and how each bed is designed and maintenance of your mattress will be easy, in the unlikely event that you need to unzip the outer covering and check under the hood.

Our three model lineup offers solutions engineered for durability, performance, and built at our facility in Baltimore, Maryland.  Three phenomenal beds that allow you to dial into the comfort you like, that will provide comfort and support for virtually anyone seeking a mattress offering a restorative, energizing night's sleep.

Our components will not collapse, rut, or break down after only months of use. You'll enjoy a broad range of comfort levels for zeroing in on the perfect setting, even when two people are sharing the same mattress but need two totally different kinds of sleep surfaces.

On any Queen, King or CalKing Habitat Air Bed, one side can be soft and offer greater immersion, for those who like a plusher mattress, while your partners side can be resilient and firm.

Our Habitat Air Bed Systems are designed in such a way that the air chambers are aligned right against one another in seamless fashion, with no center I-Beam creating a rigid imaginary wall between each side of the bed. We do this using a proprietary design with our perimeter foam rails that creates a level of tension between both sides of your mattress, so that the air chambers are constantly being tucked and held together. No worries about gaps or spaces in between the air chambers. Our design offers a seamless, undetectable feel between both sides of a dual chambered air bed.

Don’t Get Baffled By “Baffles”!        

Another consideration when shopping for air beds that can be confusing is the concept of “multiple air chambers” and “baffling”, or compartmentalized areas within the air chambers, which assist in evenly distributing the air flow. Some manufacturers often try to convince you that the more complex the air chamber design is, the more comfortable they must be.

We test drove numerous air chambers with both simplistic designs, and more complex, so-called “zoned” air chambers. When filled to proper pressure offering a good, supportive level of comfort, it was really hard to tell the difference. Quickly we learned that, to buy a really good air bed, you did not have to spend as much time laboring over multi-chambered bladders and baffles vs. single chambered, less complex bladders.

Also, it’s important to remember that the fewer baffles there are in an air bed bladder, the less adhesive materials will be used at the seams and along surface edges, which means less likelihood of leaks down the road.

Admittedly though, we found that some baffling to facilitate air movement is a good thing, since it genuinely helps distribute air more evenly, resulting in more uniform support. For example, whether you sat on the edge of the bed, or laid on your side in the middle, we observed that air is more effectively distributed to enable the air chambers to maintain their shape and elasticity, when a moderate amount of baffling is present.

The baffling in our air chambers is created by building in very simple gussets, or walls, that run from head to foot in the air bladders, keeping the bladders from expanding vertically when filled, to maintain the shape of the air bladder, so that you don’t end up rolling to the center or outside of the mattress. 

Simply put, we use a continuous design that evenly distributes weight and pressure points to provide the best comfort and support you can find.

Side Rails And Perimeter Support Foam - The Hidden Secret To A Great Air Bed    

One of the inherent design flaws of many Air Beds, is the tendency for the sides of the bed to “bow out”, or flex outward when weight is applied to the bed, especially near the center where the two air chambers meet. This results in a “caving in” or sinking sensation between the two air bladders as they separate, and is a common complaint with customers.

The solution: a unique perimeter support rail system, which essentially wraps around the entire bed. Since our Air Bed uses a softer rubber air chamber design, at the edge where the chambers meet the foam side rails, there is no discernible transition between surfaces, which creates a smooth continuous feel across the entire surface of the bed. The foam rails are precisely designed to allow for supportive and comfortable edge sitting, while at the same time, offering proper support for the comfort  layers above the air chambers, at all points around the edge of the bed.

In addition, to prevent separation of the bladders and the resulting “caved in” sensation in the middle of the Air Bed, the side support rails we used in our unique design are connected head to foot, and side to side with a specialized “tensioning” fabric, which prevents the rails from bowing outward, eliminating that sinking and “caving-in” feeling.The tension created between opposite side rails by the connecting fabric layer eliminates the bowing out problem, preventing separation between air bladders… so that you won’t disappear between them.

Choosing Your Habitat Air Bed System Is Easy

With just three options, selecting the bed that’s just right is a whole lot simpler than wandering aimlessly and trying dozens of models in retail stores, or poring over dozens of web sites that deliver way too many choices, and too much unnecessary technical information. Our approach- keep it simple. Watch our overview video up top, to get a quick overview that shows you how easy it is to select the perfect Habitat Air Bed System for you.

Once you order your Habitat Air Bed System, delivery time takes about two weeks. We ship our systems via FedEx freight, so you’ll get a phone call to schedule a delivery appointment that works for you. The driver will bring your boxed system to your door. Also, you can call our support team during the hours shown on the top of any Habitat page and give us a call should you need any support. We even have pump technicians available for any consulting or help you may need, absolutely free of charge.

When considering an air bed, savvy air bed owners and industry experts will always tell you the same thing: look at the pump and air chambers first. They are the heart and lungs of your air bed, moving parts that are engineered either to stand the test of time or fail very quickly.

We put our money into our materials and rely on third party reviews, shared customer experiences, and networking with current owners to market our premium Habitat Air Bed Systems.  We've been building a better air bed for years, and we'll be the first to agree that you typically can't judge a book by its cover.


You can place your Habitat Air Bed System on any solid surface, including hard top foundations, platform beds. or slatted surfaces where you have no more than 2" between slats that are at least 3" wide. You can purchase our specially designed hardwood foundations, upholstered with an exterior fabric that gives a finished, high end box spring style appearance.

Originally designed to support the weight of a 1,500 pound water bed mattress, these foundations are engineered for extreme durability and will not rut, depress, bow, or fail. As you check out when purchasing one of our Air Beds, you will be prompted to add the foundation if you choose.

Specifically designed for our Air Bed program, they can be used on any standard size metal frame or headboard/footboard setup as long as there are siderails to support them. They arrive completely pre-assembled and ready to go. Shipping is FREE, and arrives via FedEx freight, with a phone call and pre-scheduled appointment.

Our solid wood (black spruce) air bed foundations are designed to last the lifetime of your mattress, will resist depressions and rutting, and are finished with a beautifully upholstered exterior fabric that complements your Habitat Air Bed system. You can place your base in any standard sized metal frame or conventional headboard and footboard assembly. When you order a Habitat Air Bed system, you will be given the option to purchase our foundation set along with your mattress. We do not sell them separately.


You will have the opportunity to add our Habitat Air Bed foundations in your shopping cart while ordering your Air Bed system. You may also choose to order one of our adjustable bases, which are fantastic with our Air Bed systems. To visit our adjustable base page, click here. Once you place your order online or over the phone with one of our seasoned, low pressure team members, you can expect to receive your mattress in about two weeks. We ship via FedEx freight, and you'll receive a call to schedule an appointment for delivery. You Habitat Air Bed arrives in one box (unless you order foundations, in which case you will receive two boxes) which are delivered to your door or inside your garage. You can assemble the system using the included instructions or follow along using the assembly video below. Average assembly time for first time owners is about 45 minutes.

Habitat Air Bed Assembly Instructions Video For All Three Models

If you're not sure which model of our Air Beds to order, you can also call us during our office hours and speak to one of our bedding specialists, at 800-313-2591.